Friday, June 25, 2021

Magnolia Country Club

Four Man Scramble

$400 a team or $100 a player
(Golf Carts – $40 each)

Tee Times will be available throughout the morning and afternoon for all participants. Please indicate on the form of the preferred time of day.

Each participant will receive beverages, snacks, a grab-and-go lunch, and a goodie bag.

Flights will be determined by team score.

Sponsorship Opportunities

(Individuals or Businesses)

Lunch Sponsor – $4,000
9th Hole Sponsor – $3,500
Beverage Cart Sponsor – $2,000
Hole in One Sponsor – $1,500
Gold Sponsor – $1,000
Blue Sponsor – $500
Hole Sponsor – $200
Tee Box Sponsor – $100

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June 2021

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